This is from my blog and a poem about my favorite goddess of the moon

The Works of a Dreamer


Thee pale skinned goddess,

She who is the moon personified,

Her eyes resembles moonlight,

Her hair black as the new moon,

Wearing a silver peplos,

Daughter of the Hyperion the Titan of light

And Thea the Titan of sight,

Sister of Helios

The Sun

And Eos

The Dawn,

Riding her chariot pulled by pure white horses

Across the night sky which she lights up

With her beautiful silver glow,

The women who watches over her love

Thee immortal Endymion who sleeps for eternity dreaming of holding the moon,

Selene the lovely lady of the moon

Who blesses us with its beauty and power,

She who is the all powerful moon personified,

I honor lady Selene great goddess of the moon

Who rides her silver chariot across the starlit night sky.

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