Phoebus Apollo

This is my poem from my other blog. It is dedicated to Apollo the Greek god of light,the arts,healing,archery, and prophecy

The Works of a Dreamer

Oh,Phoebes Apollo,

Son of Leto and Zeus,

Twin brother of Artemis
The virgin huntress of the moon,

He who is the sun who no can lie to,

His tree is the laurel,

He who killed the serpent python,

Creator of the silver bow,

While he plays his golden lyre the
Muses and Graces dance and sing,

The one who gives advice in riddles through thee
Oracle of Delphi,

Poet of light who
Sways us with his words of
Glowing truth,

The one who blesses us with thee
Soothing warmth of the sun,

Apollo Olympian archer of the light and truth who shoot down his enemies,

The one who cast plagues upon those who opposes him,

He who is the archer of light
Who shoots down his enemies
Alongside his sister
Artemis huntress of the moon,

May you bless us with thee
Enchanting music you play with your lyre,

And bless…

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