Phoebus Apollo

Originally posted on The Works of a Dreamer:
Oh,Phoebes Apollo, Son of Leto and Zeus, Twin brother of Artemis The virgin huntress of the moon, He who is the sun who no can lie to, His tree is the laurel, He who killed the serpent python, Creator of the silver bow, While he plays his…


Originally posted on The Works of a Dreamer:
Selene Thee pale skinned goddess, She who is the moon personified, Her eyes resembles moonlight, Her hair black as the new moon, Wearing a silver peplos, Daughter of the Hyperion the Titan of light And Thea the Titan of sight, Sister of Helios The Sun And Eos…

Hello everyone I hope you all have a happy 4th of July and remember to get to your desired firework watching areas early or you might not find a spot.